A frigid wind blows throughout the ancient realm of Avaeron. A powerful mystic gale rushing through the spine of the ancient colossal mountain ranges out and over the massive black of the depthless sea.

It sweeps its way across the face of the land on an endless circuit snaking into every corner and twisting a winding path across all the world. On icy tendrils of frozen air a deadly promise blows hard enough to chill the bones of all who dare to live and breathe in its path.

Neither tree nor stone, water nor earth can impede its passage. Like a jet stream thrusting down from the heavens it finds its way into the deep dark places, long lost spaces and forgotten tombs gathering and growing in intensity only to burst free again carried aloft on freezing currents fueled by the whispers of fallen gods who stir and shape its surging torrent.

This is the legacy of those who have come before heralding their return. The 7th age of the world is nigh and with it comes death and rebirth and the promise of a world made a new.

A Time of Gods - The Rebirth

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